Posted: January 5, 2018


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Gov. Bambi Emano gives special thanks to the PDRRMD Family lead by Mr. Jun Dy including those unrecognized Barangay Quick responders and rescuers. Most of them sacrificed their Christmas vacation and celebration just to make sure all Misamisnons are safe during the onslaught of Typhoons Urduja, Vinta and Agaton. “Let me thank these ladies and gentlemen up here. While most of you were celebrating, they were sacrificing their time, some even spending Christmas apart from their families to fulfill their sworn duties to inform and protect us in times of calamities and disasters. You are the best epitome of, Kung Taga Mis. Or. ka, Secure ka.”, Gov. Bambi said. The governor for his part, also joined the Team to personally lead the monitoring of the province’s situation at the PDRRMD Command Center.