Jail/Rehab Center


The Provincial Governor shall direct, supervise and control the administration and operations of Provincial Jail Within his Jurisdiction to effect a better system of jail management for the safe keeping and rehabilitation of offenders.


To improve the living conditions of offenders in accordance with accepted standards set by the United nations ;
To enhance rehabilitation and reformation of offenders in preparation for their reintegration into the mainstream of society upon their release; and
To professionalize jail service.


It is the obligation of jail authorities to confine offenders safety, provide rehabilitative programs that will negate their criminal tendencies and restore positive values to make them productive and law-abiding citizens.
No procedure or system of corrections shall deprive any offender of hope for his ultimate return to the fold of the law and to enjoy full membership in society.
Detainees shall be presumed innocent and his rights as a free citizen should be respected, expect for such restraints which are necessary for the confinement in the interest of justice and public society.
Offenders are human being entitled to the same basic rights and privileges enjoyed by citizens in a free society, except that the exercise of their rights are limited or controlled for security reasons.
Health preservation and prompt treatment of illness or injury is a basic right of every person confined in jail and it is the duty of jail authorities to arrange for their treatment subject to security measures.
Members of the custodial force shall set themselves as examples in all their actions while performing their duties and responsibilities.
Jail personnel shall not use abusive, offensive, and indecent language toward offenders at any time.
No jail personnel shall use unnecessary force against offenders except for legitimate self-defense or in case of attempted escape, cases of active and passive physical resistance to a lawful order.
No harsh penalty shall be imposed to any offender for violation of rules/regulations except in accordance with duly approved disciplinary procedures.
Members of the custodial force must understand that offenders need treatment and counseling and the primary purpose of confinement is for safe keeping and rehabilitation.


The Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail and Rehabilitation Center is located along Antonio Luna and Corrales Streets, Capitol Compound, Cagayan de Oro City. It was built in 1960 under the leadership of the then Governor Pacencio Y. Isalina, and it has an area of 800 sq. meters. Its designed will cater a maximum of 250 jail population, and it comprise of nine (9) detention cells for male inmates, one (1) detention cell for Female inmates and another one (1) Open cell for Minor inmates.

Jail population of this institution, both detention and insular prisoners were coming from the twenty three (23) municipalities which comprised the province of Misamis Oriental, including the composite Cities of Gingoog and El Salvador.

Inmates were not deprived of their belief, specifically their religion. Several appellate religious sectors were allowed to conduct/celebrate preaching in accordance to their practices. Purposely, to reverberate the souls of our brothers and sisters behind bars. As such, majority of the inmates were undergo the catechists and baptized in beau of the spiritual nourishment that prepares themselves if the released from prison.

Aside from their spiritual preparedness, the management is also looking for their future readiness. Referring to our data’s on hand, several of inmates were not graduated even in elementary level. Thus, we encourage themselves to acquire knowledge and skills by attending the regular schedule of classes inside in this institution through Alternative Learning System (ALS) under the supervision of Department of Education, Regional Office 10, Cagayan de Oro City and it was spearheaded by the competent teachers from our spirited citizens who are willing and able to give us a helping hand just to alleviate the morals and empowering thyself whenever they free from custody.

For the past several years, the previous administration allowing and/or tolerated the presence of “PANGKAT”, such as: the Batang Mindanao or BM29 and the Batman 357LVM inside in the institution. With the presence of pangkat, whose task is to implements their respective rules and regulation of the celda’s. Several of our inmates were brought to hospital due to physical and bodily contact slapped by authorized officers of the pangkat , others were deprived the visiting rights, spring time and other form of haziness as a result of their lawful doctrine the so called “Kangaroo Court”. With this predicament the management is looking for a concept in order to achieve a long and lasting peace as part of our bureaucracy. One factors contribute is the daily lectures on the importance of their own self. Making tattoo to their body and the continuous implementation of such lawful doctrine is not and absolute solution. Nonetheless, this institution is also a rehabilitation center, wherein part of our mission is to formulate and molding them in accordance to the divine teaching of the church and to the constitution as well. After a couple of months in conducting lectures to the inmates and with the divine intervention, we finally achieve of what we are aiming for, so long at last our vision becomes reality. The Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail is now a “pangkat free”. This achievement was truly manifested when the group from the private sector come and visited in this institution. The International Committee of the Red Cross conduct interview among inmates, and their evaluation/observation. We are gladly to renounce that the Misamis Oriental Provincial Jail and Rehabilitation Center is the “ONLY” Jail Institution of the entire Philippines that is run and managed in accordance to the rule of law and not the rule of men.