Library Ofiice

The Provincial Library is a people’s university. It is an important institution in lifelong learning and educative
process for the wider community. The key objective of these libraries is to provide the populations of readers,
clients, means to acces materials that would help them self-educate and encourage better self-development it
offers the opportunity for creating the bridge of confident to self-reliance and literacy.

We are commited to provide a place where people have easy access to information resources and stock of
knowledge which are they key factor toward,and improved quality life and economic progress of Misamis Oriental.

We envisioned a modem dynamic Provicial Library that can provide programs & services which are responsive to
the varied and Changing needs of the community of Misamis Oriental.
R.A No. 7743
An act providing for the establishment of Congressional, City and Municipal Libraries and Barangay Reading Centers
throughout the philippines, appropriating the necessary funds therefor and for other purpose.
The Misamis Oriental Provincial Library, was created March 18, 1970 (Resolution No.186.)
The Library was only inaugurated last January 25, 1971. Its sponsors during the blessings were:
Senator Emmanuel Pelaez
Congressman Pedro N. Roa
Gov. Concordio C. Diel
Vice Gov. Porferio V. Borromeo
Sr.Bd.Mbr. Felicismo E. Aguilar
Bd.Mbr. Alejandro D. Uy
Bd. Mbr. Francisco G. Abrogard
and other officials. The main speakers Director Serafin D. Quiason (eho was the guest speaker) and Gov. Concordio C. Diel. The public all the municipal and city mayors were invited.
Senior Bd. Member F. Aguilar is the official who has been actively responsible for the library’s creation and establishment under the leadership of Gov. Diel and with the cooperation of the other Provincial Board Members. Having just started, our meager collection has not yet reached its desired volume which we are trying to augment little by little.
From a room in the Capitol Building, we progress to a bigger room in the basement and we hope, Finally, to a building of its own. having been in existence for many years, the library has a growing collection of books and modest supply of wide reads newspaper and magazines. The Provincial Goverment provides funds for the salaries of the library personel, travel, equipments including some books & supplies, and for the subcription to periodicals. On the part of the national Library, the obligation is to provide the annual allocation of books, Goverment Publications and other printed forms, beta player, televesion, dvd recorder etc. The national Library & Provincial Goverment excercise control & supervision over the Provincial Library. It is still operated on a limited budjet & so the progress is gradual.
To date, there are 14 Municipal Libraries and 1 City Library under the supervision of the Provincial Library, such as the medina Municipal Library, Balingasag Municipal Library, Balingoan Municipal Library, Lagonglong Municipal Library, Claveria Municipal Library, Jasaan Municipal Library, Kinoguitan Municipal Library, Manticao Municipal Library, Naawan Municipal Library, Opol Municipal Library, Tagoloan Municipal Library, Villanueva Municipal Library, Sugboncogon Municipal Library, Lagait Municipal Library, and City Library of Gingoog City. Work connected with the establishment of more muncipal libraries is part of the extension program of the Provincial Goverment through the Provincial Library.
– To Provide library & information service responsive to the needs of the community
-To provide opportunity for continous self-education of children, young people and adult
-To promote the importance and joy of reading to children.
-To teach children on oral, values, singing, coloring activity and conduct storytelling activities every summer
-To conduct storytelling activities that encourages children to appreciate the value of reading in different municipal & city libraries.
– To provide a place for reflection & spiritual nourishment. Selection of books and other materials for use in the developmnent enrichment of the human spirit.
-To disseminate library activities in the community.
-To bring library resources to where people are and participate in the life of the communities and neighborhood.