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The Provincial Health Office shall be the national model of a well-managed and empowered workforce that proactively provides quality health care and services for all

The Provincial Health Office shall uphold the value of life through the delivery of effective and efficient health care services for all, with preference for the marginalized sector of society, within a proactive and well-managed health system that promotes teamwork, innovation and convergence of resources and actions.
The Health Situation in the Province
The implementation of the public health programs in the province is linked with diverse program packages for the prevention, management and control of diseases, and the promotion and protection of health. These health program packages cater to the various levels of health care delivery, to different population groups, and to specific diseases. The guidepost in achieving the target is the Universal Health Coverage, especially the indigent Filipino families, as one of its health agenda. The universal health care system would bridge the health care disparities between the rich and the majority poor people. The National Objectives for Health (NOH) 2011-2016 sets all the health program goals, strategies, performance indicators and targets that can lead the sector to achieve Kalusugan Pangkalahatan by 2016. The provincial health office personnel had done notable efforts to attain the national average (FHSIS 2014). However a lot of things have to be done not only to ensure sustainability to its performance, but also to achieve the NOH and Millennium Development Goals (MDG) targets. Major health concerns still persists that need high priority in health reforms in the province of Misamis Oriental.
Currently, the provision of basic health services relied much on the existing facilities of the province, that have gradually becoming adequate with the implementation of some prescribed health reforms with positive pace as the Province-wide Investment Plan for Health (PIPH) is put into operation in a concerted effort to meet the health requirements of the province within the medium to long term goals. Measures to enhance access to health facilities and improved services are being prioritized to address the identified health gaps resulting from population increase, rapid urbanization and growing public awareness on the importance of health care.
The province innate cultural traditions and values, specifically the Indigenous People (IPs), in which Governor BAMBI B. EMANO recognizes the value of the Lumads on IP education, youth initiatives, preservation of culture, learn new skills for their livelihood activities, improvement of access to basic medical health care services and utilization of their cultural system for conflict resolution. Likewise, the people of Misamis Oriental has that pressing need for a continuing widespread presence of a sustainable , quality, responsive and financially equitable health care system and to equate literacy with good health-seeking behaviour.
The global climate change is now occurring, of which the overall health effects of a changing climate are likely to overwhelmingly negative. The widespread effects of recurring natural calamities that caused damaged to health facilities and other essential services resulting to the growing inability of the households to avail of medical services, thereby weakening of the psycho social-physical state of the majority of the population.
The effects of external environment determinants to the populations would greatly contribute to the health of the population of the province, and this will be given a priority focus. Strategies and activities would be prioritized based on the actual needs and concerns of the population at risks.