The Macajalar Bay Development Alliance (MBDA)


MBDA Council

Cluster Team

Information, Education & Communication

Alternative Livelihood

Connectivity Schematic

Costal Law Enforcement

Monitoring & Evaluation

MPA Social Marketing Campaign

Partnership for Climate Resilience

Bay-wide Coastal Clean-up

Habitat & Resource Management

Police & Governance

Knowledge, Attitude & Practice Analysis of Change in the K, A, IC, BC


  • Support LGU Members
  • Support Key Agencies
  • Support Private, Business sectors
  • Support of XU through Research & Social Outreach(RSO) and Service Learning Programs
  • Science-based Approach(XU)
  • Community involvement
  • Increase in investments for coastal projects
  • Tourism
  • Knowledge Products
  • Ridge to reef approach
  • Replication in other alliances


  • Large scope for IEC Initiatives
  • Insufficient CLE equipment
  • Insufficient budget
  • Application of MEAT results/recommendations
  • Change in LGU administration
  • Payment process

Way Forward

  • MPA Management Plan
  • Unified fishery ordinances
  • Prosecutors
  • NGAs to include budget for project implementations in municipal/city waters
  • Strengthen coordination between NGAs and LGUs in program implementations