top 5 best performing employees

Posted: May 15, 2018


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Gov. Bambi Emano and the HRMO Office headed by Ms. Jessica Galindo lead the awarding of the Top 5 Best Performing Employees of the Provincial Government for year 2017. They are (in no particular order): Ms. Zutchiin M. Vallecera (PASSO), Mr. Jener B. Alaba (OBA), Mr. Richie B. Balagot (PGSO), Mr. Edgardo G. Cagalawan (PDRRMO) and Mr. Antonio B. Quirino (MOPH-Claveria). They delivered the best performance the past year in the name of public service. The governor congratulates the with high hopes they will inspire others. He also encourages all other employees to perform better and prove that they too deserve the award. Also on stage are Board Members Boboy Sabal, Lenny Winstanley and Capitol Department/Office heads.