Veterinary Office



To attain optimum production and self-sufficiency in the livestock, poultry and dairy sector through the timely provision of technical and material assistance, and the introduction of technological innovations.
Duties and Functions
Develop plans & strategies on Veterinary – Related activities & implement them upon approval thereof by the governor.
Enforce all laws and regulations for the prevention of cruelty to animals.
Take necessary measures to eradicate, prevent or cure all forms of animal diseases.
Be in the frontline of veterinary related activities, such as in situations resulting in the depletion of animals for work & human consumption particularly those arising from the after-math of man-made & nature calamities and disasters.
Promotes animal health & welfare.
Adopt measures that would prevent entry of exotic communicable animal diseases.
Prevents, control contamination & eradication of communicable animal diseases.
Institutes quarantine inspection system for inter-provincial movement of animals.
Collects, monitor, analyze & disseminate information on livestock, poultry, eggs, animal products and by-products campaign for the establishment of livestock auction market & slaughterhouse.
Supervision & inspection of all existing slaughterhouses & dressing plants in the province. Assist in the establishment & accreditation of slaughterhouse.



A province secured in its food requirement through a disease-free and self-sufficient livestock and poultry industry.