Treasurer’s Office


To lead in developing the province of Misamis Oriental into a self-reliant local government unit by increasing locally sourced revenues and becoming less dependent on the Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) and provide benefits of developments and progress through efficient and effective administration of the Provincial Government’s fiscal affairs.


To implement a comprehensive and integrated tax and revenue collection system through effective enforcement of the provincial revenue code to ensure sustainability through excellent support service and effective knowledge transfer to the other local government unit of the province.


Responsible on the collection, custody and exercise proper management of the funds of the provincial government.
Take charge of disbursement of all provincial funds and other funds, which is entrusted in the provincial government.
Fiscal adviser as to the disposition of local government funds and others relative to public finance.
Inspect private commercial and industrial establishment within the jurisdiction of the provincial government in relation to the implementation of tax ordinance.
Exercise technical supervision over all 23 Municipal Treasurers in the province.
Maintain and update tax information system of the provincial government.


To inform and advise the officials of both the municipal/provincial/national offices on the disbursement of public funds.
To collect the total estimated revenue in the General Fund and special accounts of the province for the year.
To disburse public funds.
To implement the ordinances of both national and provincial government in accordance with the law.
To disseminate tax information of tax ordinance throughout the province.

The total current operating income of the Provincial Government for 2017 was PhP 1,475,484,417.36 of which some PhP 1,255,038,871.00 (equivalent to 85%) comes from the Internal Revenue Allotment. The total local sources reached to PhP 219,252,293.20, collection of which accounted for Real Property Tax, Tax on Business, Fees and Charges, Economic Enterprises and Other Receipts. Of the total budget appropriation of PhP 1,952,938,802.00 some PhP 1,309,213,989.34 (equivalent to some 67%) were expended for personnel services, capital outlay, MOOE, non-office and other special projects, to wit:

Component Budget Appropriation Actual Expenditure
1. Personnel Services 691,833,655.00 478,796,439.17
2. Capital Outlay 338,858,224.00 110,939,119.84
3. MOOE 460,034,908.00 257,266,415.33
4. Non-Office 462,212,015.00 462,212,015.00
5. Other Special Projects
TOTAL 1,952,938,802.00 1,309,213,989.34