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Pursuing holistic regional growth for Northern Mindanao

Pursuing holistic regional growth for Northern Mindanao, we joined the 137th Regional Development Council Region X (RDC-X) Full Council Meeting to discuss relevant matters pertaining to the development of Region X. As the Chairperson for the RDC-X Infrastructure and Utilities Development Committee, we shared and endorsed the FY 2025 Budget Proposals of the Infrastructure Development Sector Agencies that are vital in the implementation of the different Programs, Activities and Projects of the agencies that are crucial for the comprehensive development of Northern Mindanao.
Similarly, we several noteworthy projects were endorsed such as the Philippine Health System Resilient Project (HSRP) of DOH, establishment of Psychiatric Facility, Cellular Mobile Telecommunications Services and Broadband Mapping Initiative of the Region-X, the first in the Philippines, amongst others. Truly, the 137th RDC-X Full Council Meeting was very productive resulting to 90 resolutions that will further elevate the standards of living for the entire Northern Mindanao region.